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Traditional floor mats offer little to no customization and lack luster protection. The Dekomat is a here to revolutionize the floor mat industry with virtually unlimited customization and unparalleled durability. 

Dekomats are machine cut to match the exact make and model of your cart. This allows us to provide full floor protection while displaying your custom design across your entire floor board. Gone are the days of cheap rubber and fraying carpet.The Dekomat is made of 100% polyvinyl material and will protect your carts floor board against every day wear and tear, equipment, oils, grease or even battery acid. 

Further more, as a testament to the durability of the Dekomat every mat comes with a one year all Inclusive warranty! Cleaning could not be easier, no expensive solvents or intensive labor is involved when cleaning the mat. The Dekomat can be cleaned with ease using only soap and water! Traditional mats stain over time and become discolored or worn, The Dekomat will stay crystal clear and vibrant over the years to come. 

All other mats on the market are made of inexpensive rubber, carpet, or occasionally metal. These materials all provide some protection but each have their own pit falls. Rubber and carpet mats are susceptible to abrasions as well as staining and discoloration. Not to mention there are many cleaning solvents can permanently damage these rubber or carpet mats. Metal mats are typically painted and because of this although they might protect against abrasions well, the paint will scratch and peel off leaving the bare metal exposed for corrosion.  

Custom golf cart floor mat golf cart accessories


Rubber, Carpet, and metal mats all have very minimal customization options. Metal mats as well as rubber mats may have one or two different designs all of witch are bland as it is, besides that the only customization available for those styles of mats is color.

Color options for rubber mats typically include black, grey, or tan, and metal mats usually only have black or sliver options. Carpet mats have a much wider variety of designs and colors than metal or rubber mats but they do not provide nearly any protection and are difficult to clean.

The Dekomat is fully customizable, any image, graphic, design, or illustration can be made and formatted to perfectly fit your cart. If you do not have a specific image or design in mind they are over 100 pre-designed templates to choose from.

The polyvinyl that the Dekomat is made from provides an image quality that is unmatched by any product on the market. High resolution designs and images come out vibrant and remain bright and full of color for the entire longevity of the mat.


Do not waste money buying bland mats that provide spotty protection at best. Choose one of our vibrant images to not only make your rides more enjoyable but to protect your carts resale value as well. Style and protection is a job suited only for The Dekomat. Click here to start your customization journey!

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Custom golf cart floor mat golf cart accessories