How to clean a golf cart floor mat.

 Golf cart floor mat

Cleaning a golf cart floor mat can sometimes prove difficult, yet it is a task that must be completed regularly. Almost all information currently available, suggests the use of a cleaning solvent, pressure washer, coarse brush, or shampoo if the mat is carpet. This is sound advice but with modern advances in golf cart flooring most of these approaches have become outdated.

With the introduction of polyvinyl floor mats, pressure washing, and harsh cleaning solvents are a thing of the past. Products such as The Dekomat use this durable flooring material, polyvinyl mats can be cleaned using only soap and water. No matter the mess, polyvinyl mats clean with ease. The endless scrubbing at floorboards is no more, dirt, sand, mud, even battery acid is washed away with a simple rinse. Due to the inherent nature of these modern mats, they are stain and stick resistant.

That means after a day on the course, or cruising around town, the mat will not hold onto any debris. In fact, in most cases using only a hose to rinse the mat briefly will remove any of the day’s accumulative muck. Put away the brushes, solvents, and pressure washers, water is the new cleaning agent in the world of modern flooring.