How do I upgrade my golf cart?

Have an end goal.


Establishing an end goal for your cart build before you begin to modify your golf cart is a great way to start. Envisioning what you want the finished product to look like, preform like, and even sound like will ultimately help stream line the customization process. The importance of this end goal is made even more essential when find yourself bringing your cart to a modification shop. The shop that you are working with is going to need that vision in order to decide the best route to take with your cart so that they may deliver upon that end goal. 



Deciding on a budget is necessary in order to properly gauge spending limits, this  way you can accommodate all of the features/functions that you may desire. Following this path will allow you to prioritize where you spend your budget, making sure the most important modifications are well taken care of, then splitting the left over sum to encompass as many of the remaining modifications as possible. 




Now that you have envisioned your dream cart, and devolved a budget, it is now time to begin taking action. There is a couple of ways that one could go about this. The first way is to purchase all the needed parts and install them yourself, the second is to bring your cart to a custom cart dealer along with a detailed description of what you want your build to be, as well as your spending limit. Option number one will allow for the entirety of the budget to be spent on parts alone since there will not be a labor charge. This is a plus but, when it comes time to install the parts, you will find that it will require far more time and experience than anticipated for your cart to come out the way you had originally envisioned it. The second option will require you to spend a portion of your budget on labor yet, the quality of the end product will be much higher and this will not require any extra time and effort on the owners part. 


Last but not least


In order to make any custom cart build complete, there is one last thing that must be attended too. The floormat! No cart is fully done until a brand new Dekomat is gracing the floor board of your newly modified golf cart. The Dekomat takes a stylish and tricked out golf cart and adds a "WOW" factor that really ties everything together. The floormat of your cart should never be over looked as it is a large area that is in constant view of passengers and on lookers. In-cooperating a Dekomat always elevates any custom golf cart build, taking it to a level that was previously out of reach until now.