Top Five EZGO Golf Cart Accessories!

These are five golf cart accessories that take your cart build to next level. Choosing one of these options or a combination of a few ensures that your cart becomes unique to you and matches the look you desire.


1. Custom steering wheel.

Installing a custom steering wheel is a great way to change the look and feel of your cart. Switching to a sports, luxury, or vintage style wheel immediately gives your cart a completely different appearance. 

2. Custom floor mats.

Whether your finishing of the final touches of a heavily modified cart, or just adding your first modification, custom floor mats are always an amazing choice. No product on the market provides nearly as much personalization and style as a Dekomat. Dekomats are the only fully customizable golf cart flooring on the market. While other style mats only offer up to three or four trim colors, Dekomats provides a vast variety of pre-designed templates to choose from. In addition to the wide selection of templates, Dekomats can make any picture, illustration, or design into a personalized one of one custom mat. They even go as far as offering the services of their professional design teams! Combine this creativity with unmatched durability and you have an absolutely stunning floormat that belongs in every custom cart build.

3. Wheels and Tires.

Custom wheels and tires are arguable the best bang for your buck when it comes to altering the aesthetic of your golf cart. This modification can also be just as functional as it is cosmetic. Switching to a set of off road tires grants your cart a larger variety of terrain that it can operate on, while swapping to low profile tires provides a unique aesthetic but lacks performance. 

4. Custom upholstery.

Having your golf carts seats upholstered gives you broad range of customization options. If you value comfort and luxury having your seats upholstered in high quality diamond stitched leather is a great option. Huge sports fan? Have your seats wrapped in your favorite sports team's logo!

5. Lift kits.

A personal favorite of many, the lift kit. Lift kits provide the largest aesthetic change to your cart. They provide a rugged/sporty utility look, especially when paired with a matching set of custom wheels and tires.