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Article: Golf Cart Floor Mats, Carpet or Rubber?

Golf Cart Floor Mats, Carpet or Rubber?

Golf Cart Floor Mats, Carpet or Rubber?

Why install either?

Replacing or protecting the original flooring in your golf cart is inevitable, the test of time will always have the upper hand on O.E.M. parts, but flooring in particular is very susceptible to wear. There is a plethora of different style/material floor mats on the market, but rubber and carpet are by far the most commonly used. Rubber and carpet mats both have great benefits when it comes to protecting, replacing, or accessorizing your golf carts original flooring, so the real question is, which should you choose? Starting with rubber lets go over the pros and cons of each mat in order to make the best decision for you. 

Pros and Cons 

Rubber mats are extremely durable and very easy to clean, most rubber mats are also abrasion resistant to a certain degree. The downside of rubber mats is that they are only offered in very few colors and give a very generic look to your cart. On the other hand carpet mats are typically offered in a variety of colors and give a more classic and or luxury feel. Greater color selection and over all appeal comes at a price, carpet is notoriously hard to clean and does not hold up well against abrasions. If carpet mats are to get wet they must be removed and dried out thoroughly before reinstalling them, otherwise they may start to release odors or begin to mold.



Verdict? It seems that rubber floor mats are much better suited to someone with an active lifestyle who puts an emphasis on functionality. Rubber mats can withstand the majority of dirt, mud, and wear with relative ease, if you are an active individual and your deciding between rubber or carpet floor mats it is our suggestion that you choose the rubber mats as they will cater to your lifestyle much better then carpet. If you are someone that has a clean and garage stored golf cart, that you enjoy taking for short trips around the block or to a neighbors house, then carpet mats may be the proper fit for you. Having carpet floor mats will provide the necessary protection for your original golf cart flooring yet maintain a classy look that is offered in large variety of colors. In conclusion, both rubber and carpet mats are great products for protecting, replacing, or accessorizing your golf carts original flooring. The choice of which to purchase is largely dependent on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

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