Produced in Sarasota, FL with made in the USA material, DekoMats™ are a unique product that is not only functional and durable, but completely customizable with artwork, logos, advertising, or your personal message.

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Using proprietary techniques, digitally printed images are visible through a 75 mil thick wear layer of 100% polyvinyl. The image will not be damaged by wear, equipment, oils, grease or battery acid and easily cleans with soap and water.

The digitally cut mats match precise templates and are currently available for several common golf cart sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Custom die lines can be created to specifically match any model, make or year of cart or shuttle.

The DekoMat™ Golf Cart Mat is typically installed on top of the existing cart mat using the carts own side panel grip bars and hardware. There is no damage to the original mat and they are easily removed or replaced with a new design. Mat installation is simple and in most cases takes less than 10 minutes. Mats can be trimmed or cut around custom components with a razor knife or scissors.

Select images from our stock art resources, work with our in house design team or provide your own custom image, logo or advert to create your unique custom mat solution. 

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