Personalized discount codes

As soon as your application is approved, our team will provide you with your very own discount code. This code will be linked to your distributor account, giving you access to all of the unique benefits that we offer to our distributors.

Golf cart modifications
Golf car floor mats

Streamline Purchases

We have restructured our design and purchase procedures, providing an entirely new system exclusive to distributors. Our graphics design team will send proofs and individualized purchase links directly to the distributor via text or email. Thus modernizing the process of requesting and receiving custom proofs, as well as placing orders. The result being, a convenient process that can be completed from start to finish on your cell phone.

Discreet Packaging

We are aware that typical labeled packaging may present distributors with issues later down the line. To rectify this, orders placed by our registered distributors are separated automatically to be shipped out in discreet packaging. This is a courtesy that we gift to you in attempt to create as much value as possible for our distributors.

Golf car floor mats